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Unit History: Air Landing Light Aid Detachment

Air Landing Light Aid Detachment
Acronym    Definition
LAD    Labor Authorization Document
LAD    Laboratoire Suisse d’Analyse du Dopage
LAD    Landing Assist Device
LAD    Language Acquisition Device (brain structure; Chomsky)
LAD    Laser Acquisition Device
LAD    Latest Arrival Date
LAD    Launch Area Defense
LAD    Launch Area(s) Denied (Ballistic Missile Defense System)
LAD    Launch Assist Device
LAD    Least Absolute Deviation (estimation)
LAD    Left Anterior Descending (anatomical location of coronary artery)
LAD    Left Axis Deviation (EKG)
LAD    Legislative Audit Division (Montana)
LAD    Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency
LAD    License Application Design
LAD    Life After Death (gaming clan)
LAD    Light Aid Detachment
LAD    Light Armored Division
LAD    Linear Amplitude Distortion
LAD    Linear Application Development
LAD    Linger And Die (gaming clan)
LAD    Liquid Agent Detector
LAD    Liquidated & Ascertained Damages
LAD    Local Area Disk
LAD    Local Attack Detection
LAD    Location Aid Device
LAD    Logistics Anchor Desk
LAD    Logistics Assistance Directorate
LAD    Logistics Automation Directorate
LAD    Los Angeles Dodgers (baseball team)
LAD    Louisiana Association of the Deaf
LAD    Lower Anterior Descending artery (graft)
LAD    Luanda, Angola - Fevereiro (Airport Code)
LAD    Lymphadenopathy
LAD    Log Annotation Device
LAD    Longhorn Array Database
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Active From: 1940 - 1947

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