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Unit History: RFA Wave Conqueror

RFA Wave Conqueror
8,128 grt; 16,650 tons nominal full displacement.
465ft 3ins (492ft 6ins o/a) x 64ft x 35ft 6ins (68ft o/a)
Built 1943  Furness Shipbuilding Ltd, Haverton Hill-on-Tees.
Launched 27th November 1943 as EMPIRE LAW
Three drum type boilers.
Two Metrovick type doubled reducing geared HP & LP Steam Turbines
Single screw; 6,800 shp; 15 knots
1943 EMPIRE LAW ; MOWT ; managed Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co.
1946 WAVE CONQUEROR, Royal Fleet Auxiliary.
Pennant : A245
1958 H.G.Pounds, Portsmouth, oil hulk at Le Havre
1960 Sold and Scrapped Spezia.
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