Unit History: RFA War Sirdar

RFA War Sirdar
There are two War Sirdar ships
War Sirdar 1
Completed as WESTWARD HO, US Shipping Board, Portland, Ore;
1918-19 US Navy - Naval Overseas Transportation Service;
1937 US Maritime Commission r/n WESTWARD HO MARU (for delivery);
1938 IZAN MARU, Kokoku Kisen KK, Kobe;
24.10.39 ashore Sakhalin Island, Japan,
1941 refloated but total loss.
War Sirdar 2
Tanker. Shipping Controller, managed by Anglo-Mexican Petroleum Co;
1921 Aquired by the Admiralty;
1942 stranded in Sunda Strait after air attack, salvaged by Japanese r/n HONAN MARU (or KONAN MARU);
28.3.45 torpedoed and sunk by USS BLUEGILL at 12.39N 109.27E.

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