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Unit History: HMCS St Laurent

HMCS St Laurent
Originally HMS Cygnet, a Royal Navy C class destroyer, built at Barrow-in-Furness by Vickers Armstrong.
She was commissioned into the RCN in 1937 and assigned to the Atlantic Fleet, mainly involved in rescuing survivors from the Battle of the Atlantic.
In 1941 she operated as part of Escort Group C-2 and C-3.
1942 credited with sinking U-356.
1944 credited wit hsinking U-845.
Decommissioned and broken up in 1945.
A second HMCS St Laurent was commissioned in 1955, the lead ship of the St Laurent class destroyers. She was refitted in 1963 as a destroyer helicopter escort ( DDH )
However keel damage meant she was not included in the Destroyer Life Extension ( DELEX ) program.
Decommissioned in 1974, sold for scrap in 1979, sank en route to scrappers in 1980.
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Active From: 1937 - 1945

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