Unit History: HMCS Saguenay

HMCS Saguenay
A River class destroyer, built by John I.Thornycroft and Company, Woolston, Hampshire.
Along with her sister ship HMCS Skeena, she was the first ship built specifically for the RCN.
1939 she was assigned to American and West Indies Squadron, and placed on convoy duties. In 1940 she was transferred to Greenock, Scotland to serve in the North Atlantic convoys. On December 1 1940 she was torpedoed by the italien submarine Argo.
She returned to service in 1941 with Escort Group C-3.
1942 she was rammed by the Panamanian freighter Azra.
1943 she was assigned to the Western Ocean Escort Force, late 1943 she was transferred to Digby, Nova Scotia and used to train until 1945.
Decommission 1945, broken up 1946.
A second HMCS Saguenay, a St.Laurent class destroyer was commissioned in 1956, converted to a destroyer helicopter escort in 1965, refitted in 1980 under the Destroyer Life Extension ( DELEX ) program. She was decommissioned in 1990 and scuttled as an artifical reef in Lunenburg Bay, Nova Scotia.

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