Unit History: RAF Cape Gata

RAF Cape Gata

Added on 25/11/2009

280 Signals Unit was a Convoy Radar Unit based originally at Cape Gata, moved operations and domestic to RAF Akrotiri during 62(domestic) and 72 (Ops) and then moved completely to Mt Olympus (RAF Troodos) in 1982.   There had always been a detachment of 280 at Troodos and now it was to be the main unit.   It is still operating (2009) as Golf Section, MOD Joint Services Signals Unit, Troodos.

Added on 11/11/2010

Formed at RAF Akrotiri on 25 June 1956 it moved to Cape Gata on 21 February 1956.   It was a Convoy Radar unit titled 280 Signals Unit, under canvas, and remained at Cape Gata until returning to the Big A (Akrotiri) in the early 60s.   In 1975 280 relocated to its detachment base at RAF Troodos, which then took on the mantle of 280SU until, on 31 March 1994 it was subsumed into the MOD Joint Services Signals Unit.

Memories of RAF Cape Gata

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Cape Gata, in 1959

Written by Marrin Greig

The great fun of living under canvas, with no bullshit and very little officialdom, no parades and being considered by the Big A as having gone native! The best of times and the best of mates, just one big holiday camp, but onn active service!

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