Unit History: Army Welfare Service

Army Welfare Service
The Army Welfare Service has three strands, Community Support, Personal Support and Administration, all of which play an essential part in providing the best possible professional and confidential welfare support for service personnel and their families wherever they are located.
AWS aim to provide a Welfare Support Service to assist with the challenges that arise in personal and service lives. AWS will:
Provide a confidential, non-discriminatory welfare support service that responds appropriately to the needs of the service community.
Give guidance and support to service and civilian agencies, soldiers and their families.
Be polite and positive in their approach.
Respect the feelings of their customers at all times.
Respond to queries and requests as soon as practical.
Be aware of your changing needs and consult with you regularly to ensure that AWS provide a high quality service.
Ensure that their information is accurate and reliable.
Deal with complaints promptly and fairly.
Train and develop their staff and those who work with them so that you can be confident of receiving a professional service.
Operate an open access to files policy.
Use your views to evaluate and develop the service they provide
AWS hopes you will:
Be aware of their Codes of Practice.
Understand that AWS may not always be able to meet all your expectations.
Notify AWS as soon as possible if you need to cancel or change appointments.
Let AWS know how they can improve their service.
Some examples of what AWS can offer:
Helpful staff with time to listen.
Assist you to "see the wood from the trees’’ in any difficulty you are experiencing and clarification of what options are available to you.
Provide support for couples or within families experiencing communication difficulties.
Help with child care matters.
Up-to-date information on resources and services available on or off camp/garrison.
Advice on what you may be entitled to in terms of financial benefits and financial services.
Liaison with civilian agencies, including schools.
Support and help with ideas you may have about community projects or setting up self-help groups.

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