Unit History: British Land Forces hong kong

British Land Forces hong kong
Originally, the Brunei Gurkha Battalion was part of the Gurkha Field Force, based in Hong Kong. Command was subsequently transferred to 48 Gurkha Infantry Brigade, also based in Hong Kong, when 48 Gurkha Infantry Brigade was re-raised in 1986. The Battalion was supported administratively by only two Officers: The Garrison Adjutant, who became the Garrison Administration Commandant and who is now known as SO2 G1 Welfare/SSO, and the Transport and Movement Officer, now known as SO3 Logistic Support.
To pre-empt the return of Hong Kong to China, Command was handed to United Kingdom Land Forces (now  Land Command) on 01 January 1995. It was then that the number of support personnel was increased, to allow the higher level of self-sufficiency that the increased distance from command demanded. It was also on 01 January 1995 that the title “Brunei Garrison” was officially adopted.
The current battalion in Brunei is the First Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles. They took over from the Second Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles in August 2006. Garrison support assets include: 7 Flight Army Air Corps; a Garrison Workshop; a Garrison Works Office and a small Forces Post Office. A small team of Staff Officers, headed by the Chief of Staff, assists the Battalion Commander, who is also the Garrison Commander, with administration.

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