Unit History: BAC School, Penang

BAC School, Penang
"The school was called “Minden Barracks”, because it was located at the Minden Barracks. It encompassed the BACS (British Army Children’s School), or the BAFS (British Armed Forces School), and was for children of Armed forces servicemen, Army and RAF children, as well as any civilians working with the Forces.The BAC School had a Headmaster, a DHM and 8 to 10 assistants and taught only primary classes. At secondary school level children had to go to boarding school in Singapore, although some actually went to a UK school. Schooling was conducted 5 days per week but in the mornings only. Twice a day students were provided with chocolate or strawberry milk – which always nice and cold. The desks were the long style, where students would sit side by side, and slates were used. Some students remember attending the RAAF school for Sunday School classes. The BAC school at the Barracks had woven walls and a “palm” roof. No fans, but large windows which were cantilevered open with sticks.

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