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Unit History: Rotherhithe Nautical School

Rotherhithe Nautical School
The London Nautical School was founded in 1915, as a consequence of the official report into the loss of the Titanic. The primary aim of the school is "to educate and prepare pupils to meet the needs of society either at sea or in any other occupation where responsibility, attention to duty and regard for others are valued equally with academic and practical skills." In 1990, it became one of the country’s first 11-18 comprehensive secondary schools for boys to be awarded grant maintained status.
In September 1999, the school became a Foundation School within the London Borough of Lambeth. In 2003, the school was awarded Sports College status. The school is situated in Stamford Street on the south bank of the River Thames, in between Blackfriars Bridge and Waterloo Bridge. The school currently caters for around 600 pupils, with around 510 pupils in Key Stages Three and Four, and around 90 Sixth form pupils in Key Stage Five. The school is affiliated with HMS Richmond.

Active From: 1915 - Present

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