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Unit History: WRunciman and Co

WRunciman and Co
Go  1  Wedding expenses at St Paul’s, Wilton Place, SW.
 Go  2  Copy of Marriage Certificate
 Go  3  A Herbert (Lord Lucas) to R: inviting to speak at meeting
 Go  4  Huxtable to R: answer to complaint concerning newspaper report on election tactics
 Go  5  R to Huxtable: reply to REN/1/1/4 with further complaint and decision to make correspondence public
 Go  6  E Radford to R: invitation to give vote of thanks at meeting addressed to H H Asquith
 Go  7  W Runciman to R: invitation to speak at meeting for Dewersbury By-election
 Go  8  W Beardsley to R: expression of regret from Runciman’s agent that R cannot attend ) on back; pencil note of R’s

Active From: 1924 - Present

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