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Unit History: HMT Empire Anvil

HMT Empire Anvil
Landing Ship. Laid down as CAPE ARGOS, completed as
EMPIRE ANVIL in 1944, MOWT managed by Furness Withy & Co.
1944 ROCKSAND, Royal Navy.
1946 EMPIRE ANVIL, MOWT managed by Furness Withy & Co.
1947 United States Maritime Commission.
1948 CAPE ARGOS, Same owner.
1948 To be sold to China and renamed HAI YA, sale postponed.
1950 EMPIRE ANVIL, U.S.Maritime Commission, laid up in James River, Va.
1960 HAI YA, China Merchants S.N.Co, Taiwan
1973 FU MING, Yangming Marine Transport, Taiwan.
1974 Scrapped Keelung.

Active From: 1943 - 1974

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