Unit History: Commando Squadron

Commando Squadron
Greece , a naval country, soon after her liberation was interested in the organization of its navy. In 1886 acquired for the first time a submarine, which was the Swedish made Nordenfelt .
It was steam-powered, length 33 meters/100 ft, diplacement 160 tn and max speed 9 kts. It carried one torpedo and it was in service until 1901 . In September 1910 the subs RHNS Xiphias/Swordfish and RHNS Delphin/Dolphin
RHNS Delphin/Dolphin
were ordered in France and comisioned in 1912 and 1913 , but turned back soon after the WW I burst out.
The first torpedo attack in the history of Greek naval warfare , was made by the Greek submarine RHNS Delphin against the Turkish Cruiser Medjidieh (unsuccessful) during the 1st Balkan War (1912). In December 1927 was acquired the sub RHNS Papanikolis (Y-2) and one month later RHNS Katsonis (Y-1) . They had displacement of 576 tn , speed 9 kts , six torpedo tubes and one gun (100 mm). Until 1930 four newer and more modern subs were acquired. These were the :
RHNS Proteus (Y-3), RHNS Nereus (Y-4), RHNS Triton (Y-5) and RHNS Glaphkos (Y-6) . But when the WWII burst out, these 6 subs had very serious technical and operational deficiencies and had overcome the approved life limit of ten years. They had maximum diving depth of 60 meters/180 ft, auxiliary machinery very complicated and sensitive , main engines that had serious malfunctions. They were not equipped with ballast tanks for quick diving, plotting table, torpedo data computer.
One of four of the same class submarines ( Argonaphtes/Argonaut, Delphin/Dolphin, Triaena/Fish Spear ) transfered on loan by the Royal Navy . All four were built at the Vickers - Armstrong Shipyard. Pipinos’ construction was completed on November 1st 1943 and she was the only one of the four that saw any action (7 war patrols). Accepted in England on October 13th 1943 by Lieutenant Commander Rallis RHN she sailed to the Middle East in February 1944 . On August 9th of the same year under Lieutenant Commander Loundras RHN she sunk in Samos island harbour the Italian destroyer Kalafatini and the small freighter Orion a former Greek lighthouse tender, captured by the Germans. Was returned to the British in 1959 .
Built in 1936 by Santieri Riuniti Adriatico Shipyards (Monfalcone, Italy). On July 9th 1942 she was seized in the Mediterranean Sea by the British corvette HMS Hyacinth . She was transferred by the British to the Hellenic Navy and the Greek Flag was hoisted on December 5th 1942 under Lieutenant Massouridis RHN . Up to the end of 1944 she accomplished a total of 4 war patrols . In 1945 she was decommissioned.

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