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Unit History: Royal Signals Band

Royal Signals Band
The Band of the Royal Corps of Signals was formed in 1921 from previous members of the Royal Engineers Depot Band. The band was run on a voluntary basis. In 1926 Ranulph Picketts was appointed as Bandmaster and he composed many great military works.
The uniform dates back to 1934. Band members wear red and black jackets, blue overalls and red and silver boots. All instruments are gold apart from silver fanfare trumpets.
The band performs several genres of music such as Big Band, Chamber Music and Soul Band. It also works with the Royal Corps of Signals Motorcycle Display Team, the Blue Helmets Parachute Display Team and the Pipes and Drums of the Royal Corps of Music.
It is based in Blandford Forum in Dorset, which has been its permenant home since it moved from Catterick Garrison in the 1970s.
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Active From: 1921 - Present

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