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Unit History: RAF Harpur Hill

RAF Harpur Hill RAF Harpur Hill was originally an ammunitions dump, it opened in 1938 and closed in 1960.RAF Harpur Hill was once the biggest ammo dump in the country, over 500 acres with underground stores and even rail tunnels, its twin is the Llanberis bomb store.
Gas weapons and V bombs was stored here amongst other things, The RAF also had UXO units (Bomb Disposal) based here and later mountain rescue teams.

Forces Reunited Forum Posts Involving RAF Harpur Hill

"raf harpur hill"
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"Brian Middleton also remembers Carl Ingle and Jerry Parker from RAF Harpur Hill "
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"RAF Harpur Hill 28MU Worked on C site and in workshop and worked the projector for the Sunday film shows. Was friends with Den Smith and John Haultram Served 1954-1956 National service"
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Active From: 1938 - 1960

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