Unit History: RAF Stoke Heath

RAF Stoke Heath

Added on 04/03/2010

30 MU was based here
291 MU was based at Roman Camp RAF Stoke Heath

Added on 16/08/2010

Stoke Heath was made up of a number of camps and working sites. Longford was a camp site which included Mess Room and NAAFI. Sutton was a camp site only and personnel used the longford Mess and NAAFI Facilities. Headquarters was situated on the edge of Ternhill Airfield along with work site A. B site was a vehicle repair site to which we travelled on what was known as the Burma Road from Longford Camp. B site is now a Prison. Other sites were Roman Camp and Buntingsdale, married quarters everyone posted to Stoke Heath was issued with a bycycle to travel around the area.

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