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Unit History: RA Missile Range Outer Hebrides

RA Missile Range Outer Hebrides
The Royal Artillery (Hebrides) Missile Range located within the southern boundary of the track coverage was inactive during the survey period however some navallive firings were conducted to the west of St Kilda. In addition to the commercial traffic, submarines and other naval vessels exercise throughout the area. Control of the firing range is conducted by Qinetiq who report that many vessels stray into the area during scheduled firings despite well promulgated information being made available. On one occasion the survey team noted a high level of VHF traffic by the range safety controller when a passenger vessel visiting St Kilda on a scheduledcruise caused additional warnings to be given. UK & Foreign registered fishing vessels straying into the outer range areas require air reconnaissance by Nimrod to locate and to be requested to vacate the danger area

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