Unit History: Comacchio Group

Comacchio Group
Comacchio Group Royal Marines is based at Arbroath, Scotland and performs security duties for the Clyde Submarine Base and surroundings.
The Comacchio unit is part of the Royal Marines and was formed as a deterant to hostile actions against the UK’s oil rigs.
Recent times have seen this duty fall to the SBS whilst the Comacchio Group has assumed protection of Britains nuclear assets.

Memories of Comacchio Group

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Comacchio Group in 1979

Written by Gordon Gillies

Birthed in HMS Neptune after a morning briefing we were divided into two groups, smokers and non smokers. Smokers stayed in Neptune non smokers off to Coulport. Happy days if you were a smoker, the novelty of Coulport soon wore off, with midgies in summer and cold wind and rain (most days) that would rival Elvagee on a bad day, from end of Sept. right through to the following May. Numbers were boosted,sections were formed and we rotated between both locations.

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