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Unit History: HMAS Vampire

HMAS Vampire
Two HMAS Vampire’s have served with the RAN, the first was originally HMS Vampire, a V class destroyer, commissioned to the Royal Navy in 1917, she was transferred to the RAN in 1933 and recommissioned HMAS Vampire.
She was paid off to reserve in 1934, but recommissioned in 1938, after a period of commission and decommission in 1936.
During the second world war she assisted in the evacuation of Greece, 1941, later in the year she joined the British Eastern Fleet.
On December 8th 1941, as part of Force Z, she put to sea after hearing reports of the attacks on Pearl Harbour, she assisted in rescuing the survivors of HMS Repulse after her sinking by Japanese dive bombers.
In 1942 whilst escorting HMS Hermes, she was attacked and sunk with the loss of nine crew by a Japanese aircraft carrier.
The second HMAS Vampire, a Daring class destroyer was commissioned in 1959, decommissioned in 1986 and preserved as a museum ship in Darling Harbour, Port Jackson, Sydney.
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Active From: 1933 - 1942

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