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Unit History: Heavy Air Defence Regiment

Heavy Air Defence Regiment
36th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment was Stationed at Tigne Point, Silema, Malta from 1945
until 1956. The Batteries in operation with the Regiment in Malta were168 Battery,
56 (Olpherts’s) Battery A and B Troops, and 60 Battery C and D Troops.
The Regiment had 3.7 Guns as its equipment.
36 Regiment wore a red flash behind the cap badge while stationed on Malta. The reason was that
in 1951 73 HAA Regiment were also stationed on the island at St George’s Barracks. The only way
to identify members of either Regiment was for one to wear the red flash.
On the 29th November 1956,  36th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment arrived at Shoeburyness from
Malta. In 1959 the Regiment was again retitled, this time as 36th Guided Weapon Regiment
(Anti-Aircraft) when it gave up its guns and was re-equiped with Thunderbird 1 Missiles.
168 Battery was put into Suspended Animation on the 1st April 1959, and disbanded on
the 1st January 1962.
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Active From: 1945 - 1956

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