Unit History: Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital

Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital
The Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital (QEMH) was located at Stadium Road in Woolwich. It was built on the land that formerly housed the Shrapnel Barracks, a veterinary hospital and stables for army horses. The QEMH was built to replace the QAMH Millbank and the nearby Royal Herbert Hospital on Shooters Hill which was falling into disrepair being built over 100 years earlier.
The QEMH took five years to build at an estimated cost of £16 million. The foundation stone was laid in 1972.
The military hospital was named after Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. She officially opened the army hospital on the 1 November 1978, though the hospital had been up and running since 1977. The QEMH was a 400 bed capacity hospital.
The Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital was predominately a military hospital for the care and treatment of soldiers and their families. However the hospital also treated National Health Service (NHS) patients from the local community such as those living in Woolwich, Bexleyheath, Eltham, etc. The nearest NHS hospital at the time was in Greenwich.

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