Unit History: RAF Stoke Hammond

RAF Stoke Hammond

Added on 25/11/2009

RAF Stoke Hammond was in the 1950s a Receiving station which in conjunction with Transmitter sites at Greatworth and Dagnall was part of the 90 Group RAF Signals controlling Radio Teleprinter circuits located at RAF Stanbridge.  I was a GWM at the Circuit Control Section Stanbridge and we were based at RAF Bletchley, then bussed in to Stanbridge on a three-shift 24/7 basis.  We had Teleprinter circuits to most of the foreign RAF Bases and I can recall the following as being distant terminals to the radio links;- TCM ( Egypt), Colombo-Ceylon, Ottawa-Canada, Mauripur-India, Habbaniya-Iraq, Malta, Cyprus, Fountainbleau.

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