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Unit History: HMS Palliser

Forces Reunited Gallery Images Matching HMS Palliser


Memories of HMS Palliser

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Palliser, in 1959

Written by Robert Packer

As a junior seaman just fresh from HMS St Vincent and HMS EXCELLENT .in 59.I joined Palliser my first sea going ship,As a 16 year old ,I was in for a new education on Iceland patrols during the cod wars. They lasted four to six weeks .I was sea sick for two or three days,I wondered what I had let myself in for,but soon I got my sea legs , and life on Frigate started to take shape a life on the ocean wave .I would not have missed it.Happy days.

Forces Reunited Forum Posts Involving HMS Palliser

" a stoker. He served on a number of ships the ones I have some info for are below HMS Swiftsure 1944-45 HMS Alaunia 1954 HMS Tyrian 1955 HMS Tumult 1956 HMS Sheffield 1957-58 HMS Diamond 1959-60 HMS Broadsword 1961 HMS Dunkirk 1962 HMS Palliser 1963 HMS Galatea (FI8) 1964-65 The picture is one of the few I have of him taken while he was stationed in Malta there are others in the Gallery under my name (Richard Stewart) I would be grateful of any information/photos etc that you..."
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"HMS Palliser"
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