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Unit History: RAF falkland islands

RAF falkland islands
The RAF provides key elements of the forces that Headquarters British Forces South Atlantic Islands use to ensure the security of the Falklands, the South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia. Not only through the airbridge from Brize Norton to Ascension and onwards to the Falkland Islands, but also through deterrence patrols across the immense area between the islands. The RAF also provides Search and Rescue (SAR) support to the islands and across the fisheries conservation zone, whilst a Hercules can be switched from assisting the Falkland Islands Government with fisheries patrolling to providing air transport and parachute supply drops, or medical evacuation. A VC10 tanker provides air-to-air refueling for the flight of Tornado F3 Air Defence fighters that operate from Mount Pleasant Airfield to watch over the islands and guard them from the air. RAF personnel also support and direct in a wide range of roles on the ground; from fighter controllers to the Explosive Ordinance Disposal team who monitor and where necessary dispose of landmines left over from the conflict.

Memories of RAF falkland islands

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF falkland islands, in 1982

Written by christopher yorke

spending my honeymoon and 21st without my wife, but with good friends jun 82
watching the first phantom fly in piloted by wg cdr mcfadion awsom
proud of the way all troops pulled together to get the job done
the rangatira the new zeland ship that smelled like rotten eggs being polite
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