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Unit History: RAF Clee Hill

RAF Clee Hill
Clee Hill was one of two satellite radar stations to RAF Daventry - the other being Gibbet Hill - which was the "Master" of a Type 7000 or "Gee" chain, a navigational system which developed into Decca Navigator.

Memories of RAF Clee Hill

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Clee Hill, in 1948

Written by glyn david EVANS

Learnt more in Yatesbury,than in schoolMet the cleverest men .Last year in ciivy B & B in Castlerock with the best c o in the R A F Though I done more than the 2yrs N S !!!!!!
I would not have had the sucsess .and wealth without those experiences(winter on Clee Hill)
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