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Unit History: Cheshire Yeomanry

Cheshire Yeomanry The Cheshire Yeomanry can trace its history back to 1797 when Sir John Fleming Leicester of Tabley raised a county regiment of light cavalry in response to the growing fears of invasion from Napoleonic France. In 1803 the Prince of Wales (later King George IV) gave his permission for the Regiment to wear his triple feather crest, a badge that Cheshire Yeoman still wear today. The Regiment first saw action of an unexpected nature, supporting the civil powers in the textile riots of the early 1800s. The first battle honour was, however, won in South Africa in 1900-02, when the Regiment provided two companies of Imperial Yeomanry of eighteen months service.As one of the last regiments of the British Army to fight on horseback, the Cheshire yeomanry found it particularly painful to lose its horses and to re-role as a Signals Regiment, but the yeoman applied themselves to their new role and service followed in the Middle East, England and North West Europe until the spring of 1946.On May Day 1947, the Cheshire Yeomanry reformed as an armoured regiment, equipped with Cromwell and Comet tanks. It continued as such until 1958, when it re-equipped with Daimler armoured cars. The defence re-organisation of 1967 led to the disbanding of the Regiment except for a small cadre, but happily in 1971 the Queens Own Yeomanry (QOY) was formed from 4 old yeomanry regiments, including the Cheshire Yeomanry. This lasted until 1999 when the Regiment, as part of the Strategic Defence Review, was amalgamated into The Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry.

Forces Reunited Forum Posts Involving Cheshire Yeomanry

" was consulting with councils on 629 of its least used boxes, including the one at Achfary. The Duke of Westminster joined the Territorial Army in 1970 as a trooper. After long service and becoming an officer, including commanding ’C’ squadron (Cheshire Yeomanry) and his regiment, The Queen’s Own Yeomanry, the Duke became Honorary Colonel-in-Chief of several regiments, including The Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry, 7th Regt. Army Air Corps, and the Canadian Royal Westminster Regiment..."
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"...go for it as he does with everything he wants to do. He is following his 3 uncles into the same unit of the cadets and being trained by people who where trained by people we where in the cadets with if that makes sense. Our unit started off as the Cheshire Yeomanry and became the 5th Skins and is now the Dragoons an amalgination of the 5th Inniskillens and the 4/7th RDG. I spent a little time with the 4/7th RDG in Fallingbostel as a matelot and both my brothers where in the REME between us 40..."
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"...Tank Corps officers admire some French Alpine troops’ berets. Thinking the French beret a little sloppy, they write off to English girl’s schools asking for samples to be sent to them and choose the black beret they wear today. 1941 - The Cheshire Yeomanry perform the last cavalry charge by the British Army against Vichy French forces in Syria. 1944 - The 13th/18th Hussars are one of the first units to go ashore on D-Day in Normandy in their specialised DD tanks. The 13th..."
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"Looking for surviving members of C Squadron, Cheshire Yeomanry for my father Derrick Miller who was an instructor between about 1960 - 1967 in order to get in touch before there’s no-one left."
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"I served with C Sqdn Cheshire Yeomanry fron 1953 to 1958 just short of Dads service I won the Troopers cup in 1954,and promoted to Cpl I had to leave in 1958 as I joined the Birkenhead Fire Brigade and Ambulance service and this was classed as a "Reserved Occupation""
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Active From: 1797 - 1999

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