Unit History: RAF Middleton St George

RAF Middleton St George
RAF Middleton St. George was a Royal Air Force (RAF) Bomber Command station during World War II. It was located in County Durham, five miles east of Darlington, England.
The aerodrome opened as a Bomber Command station in 1941. In 1943 it was allocated to No. 6 Group, Royal Canadian Air Force. A sub-station was located at Croft. Squadrons based here include: 76 Squadron, which flew Halifaxes, 78 Squadron, which flew Whitleys, 419 Squadron RCAF, which flew Wellingtons, Halifaxes, and Lancasters, 420 Squadron RCAF, which flew Wellingtons, and 428 Squadron RCAF, which flew Wellingtons, Halifaxes, and Lancasters.
After the war, the aerodrome served various squadrons and units including No. 13 Operational Training Unit (OTU), No. 2 Air Navigation School, No. 4 Flight Training School, and squadrons that used Meteors, Hunters, Javelins and Lightnings.
The RAF left the station in 1964 but the aerodrome was reopened in 1966 as a civil airport. It is now Durham Tees Valley Airport.

Added on 25/10/2010

13 OTU Was a Mosquito training unit with basic training at Croft Spa sub base.  Pupils came to Mosquitos from low powered twins like Oxfords or Ansons and the "prang rate was high.  One afternoon in March 46 we lost two to take-off swings in one day.

Memories of RAF Middleton St George

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Middleton St George, in 1963

Written by dick ragg

My first RAF Station on leaving Boy Entrant training in 1961 was RAF Middleton St George. My first jpb was Sqn Clk with the then named Lightning Conversion Squadron, with Sqn Ldr KJ Goodwin as CO. One Friday afternoon in March (I think it was March) of 1963, I was in the office hoping someone was going to tell me to go home for the weekend. the CO came in and I stood up expectantly.. would you like to go for a ride in the T4. I was gobsmacked. Of course I said yes! So I was kitted out by a totally bemused SE worker who lost no time in relaying to the engineering line what this 18 year old pen pusher was up to. As I walked onto the pan with the CO it seemed that the whole eng sqn were out there - and they were not cheering!! WELL we took off and I was scared to death - it was the first time I had ever flown. It was fantastic, but over all too soon. I was given my "TEN TON" tie and signed Certificate. Luckily, I was on leave the following week, otherwise I may not have survived.

RAF Middleton St George, in 1963

Written by dickragg

Was it 1963 - it could have been 1962 or 1964 - my memory is not all it was but..... who remembers the loss of 4(?) Javelins in France whilst taking off on an early frosty morning? Perhaps someone with a better memory than me can add a bit more info--- or tell me my memory is flawed!!!

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