Unit History: RAF North Point

RAF North Point

Added on 02/02/2010

North Point was a detachment from RAF Kai Tak and was part of the Hong Kong Signals centre. the operative unit was under ground below the mountain on the island of Hong Kong called the Peak. It was constructed out of the rock and believed to have been done by the Japanese. Underground were the RAF aircraft plotters, the RAF Teleprinters and the telephone switchboard which was manned by RAF and Army personnel. The RAF teleprinters were also in there. From a personnel strength point of view it was quite small unit to accommodate the various watches which did duty there.

Added on 08/02/2010

I served there in 54/5.
The unit was under the Peak Mountain on Hong Kong Island. In the unit was the RAF Teleprinters, The Royal Navy Teleprinters, the RAF fighter plotters and a telephone switchboard for the whole of Hong Kong manned by Army and RAF personnel

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