Unit History: Army Dog Unit

Army Dog Unit

Added on 21/10/2008

The Army Dog Unit Northern Ireland Royal Army Veterinary Corps (ADU NI RAVC) was formed on 1st May 1973 to provide dogs and handlers to enhance the security forces.  In 1980 the Headquarters were moved from Long Kesh to Shackleton Barracks.
The ADU NI RAVC was made up of RAVC personnel and volunteer E2 dog handlers, which consisted of 22 different cap badges.  The unique special role and composition of the unit was recognised in 1974 when the CLF Major General PJH Leng MC MBE granted the ADU NI RAVC personnel the right to wear a red paw, measuring 1/4 of an inch, in their berets to the left of their regimental cap badge.
In April 1997, the GOC NI Lieutenant General Sir Rupert Smith KCB DSO OBE QGM gave the authority for ADU NI RAVC personnel to wear a Red Paw shoulder flash, as a battle recognition symbol, on the left should of their combat clothing.  In 2001 the unit was directed to wear HQ NI shoulder flashes on their left shoulder and the ADU NI RAVC flash was moved to the right shoulder.

Memories of Army Dog Unit

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

N Ireland Army Dog Unit NI in 1977

Written by mark shaw

This was a very special unit and all those that served in the ADUNI from all cap badges within the army all had one thing in common the RED PAW CAP BADGE.It was a unit second to none and those who where SNAPPER WAGTAIL AND GROUNDHOG handlers played a big part in all ops in Northern Ireland and I was proud to have been a part of this special unit and would like to here from any ex members.

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