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Unit History: Supply Regiment

Supply Regiment
6 Supply Regiment RLC is to provide 3rd line combat supplies, bulk stores and specialist supply services, in order to support UK’s military contribution to a national, NATO or multi-national force. In addition it is to provide 2nd line combat supplies and material to 102 Logistic Brigade affiliated troops.
When the Royal Logistic Corps formed in 1993, 6 Ordnance Battalion became 6 Supply Regiment RLC based in Princess Royal Barrack, Gutersloh.  In 1998 the two squadrons of 14 Supply Regiment, based at Tower Barracks in Dulmen, became a part of 6 Supply.  This has given the unit its fairly distinctive nature of being split between two locations with the problems and benefits that it brings.
The Regiment forms part of 102 Logistic Brigade.  600 Headquarters, 61 Ammunition and  62 Stores are all based in Gutersloh with Regimental Headquarters.  67 Supply Services and 68 Logistic Brigade Support Squadrons are based in Dulmen.
In December 2003, command of 64 Fuel Squadron, formerly part of 6 Supply Regt, was handed over to 8 Regt RLC.
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