Unit History: DSSS Chicksands

DSSS Chicksands
The Defence Special Signal School continues to provide high quality technical training to ensure that specialist linguists and non-voice tradesmen, across the three services, are fully prepared for their operational roles within their future field units. As technology develops the School is continuously fine tuning courses to ensure maximum usage of new methods and techniques. Developments have included the upgrade of our existing computer suites with additional software packages to enhance IT
skills and increasing use of extensive e-learning language training modules to use as supplemental training to add to their classroom work. Our aim is for students to be able to access this material using their own laptops/PC at home, giving them the opportunity to conduct their own revision prior to final assessments. This approach, in keeping with the Defence Systems Approach to Training, ensures that
all courses meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers.
Over the coming year refinements to the overall SIGINT manpower requirement will lead to a reduction in the overall training burden over the next 2 years. However the quality of the training given is now all the more important. As numbers reduce within field units it is vital that all students are fully conversant
with the range of technical equipment and are competent to carry out the complex tasks that they will be required to do. One significant change will see the foundation level language training conducted at DSSS move to become
the responsibility of Defence School of
Languages (DSL), Beaconsfield. This will
allow DISC to both meet the increase in language
proficiency required by customers and rationalise
the delivery across the whole organisation.

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