Unit History: Bridgeing Regiment

Bridgeing Regiment
28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment, consisting of 23, 64 Amphibious Squadrons and 73 Amphibious Support Squadron, as well as 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment REME Workshop, was formed on 01 January 1971 in Hameln, Germany. From the date of the rebirth of the Regiment up until 1992, the only changes that occurred were internal ones, with different squadrons being disbanded and re-established.
The re-rolling of 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment, based on the M2D amphibious bridging and ferrying equipment, to become the General Support Engineer Regiment of 1st (United Kingdom) Armoured Division took place on 01 April 1992. Although the unit lost its role as a Corps level amphibious regiment, 23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron RE remained as the regular Army;s only dedicated amphibious bridging unit. 64 Amphibious Engineer Squadron re-rolled to become the Regimental Headquarters Squadron.
The Regiment also took command of 65 Field Park Squadron (formerly 65 Corps Support Squadron) already located in Hameln, and 522 Specialist Team Royal Engineers (Works) from Willich. From August 1992 to September 1994, 12 Field Squadron joined the regiment from Osnabruck before re-rolling as a Headquarters Squadron and moving to rejoin 25 Engineer Regiment in Northern Ireland. On 01 December 1999, 42 Field Squadron and 45 Field Support Squadron joined 28 Engineer Regiment as part of the reorganisation of the Sappers in Germany.
28 Engineer Regiment is now one of the biggest regiments in the British Army and is established at 46 + 800 personnel. The Regt consists of 64 HQ Sqn, 23 Amphibious Sqn, 42 Field Sqn, 45 Field Support Sqn, 65 Field Support Sqn and REME Workshops.
The Regiment, as well as the Station in general, maintains very strong Anglo-German links, demonstrated by the grant of the Freedom of the Town of Hameln on 3 June 1977 an honour which was exercised again in 2004. In 1997 the Regiment won the British Ambassadors Anglo-German Award. Today these links remain strong, especially with the Stadt. Numerous "Military Aid to the Civil Community" (MACC) tasks have been carried out ranging from flood control along the River Weser, to forest construction tasks.
The Regiment regularly has regular contact with the Bundeswehr through its Patenschaft with SchweresPionierBataillon 130 in Minden, which also operates the M3 Amphibian. 1996 marked the 25th year since the Regiment was reformed in Hameln and this was celebrated in May during the Hameln weekend. In June 1998 the Regiment commemorated 100 years of Scharnhorst Kaserne with a joint Anglo-German Military Historical display in the Stadt.

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