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Unit History: BMH Hannover

BMH Hannover
British Military Hospital in Hanover
In 1990 BMH Hannover were mobilised as 32 Field Hospital to Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War .
BMH Hanover was one of several BAOR (British Army On The Rhine) army hospitals in Germany. It is now closed.
The site of the old BMH Hannover, now turned into very swish appartments.The old male accomodation block is no longer there

Memories of BMH Hannover

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)


Written by Anthony Murphy

Posted to BMH Hannover in 1963.Was married to Doris Mearns QARANC in Hospital chappel in 1965,1st Daughter Tracey born in 1966 BMH Hannover. Posted to Hong Kong 1967. Wife passed away in April 2008

BMH Hannover, in 1977

Written by elizabeth smith ( williams )

just being there, having fun, with a bunch of lovely people. they were the times.
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