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Unit History: HMS Urchin

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Forces Reunited Forum Posts Involving HMS Urchin

"... Up Spirits, and as my Dad used to say "Never mind the next ship might be better". I’m not grumbling, are you?  Sheila. HIYA SHEILA nice to hear from you,have just got back from PLYMOUTH ATTENDING the funeral of a very close oppo. we were on HMS URCHIN together 1961 to 1963. we were the DARTMOUTH TRAINING SQUADRON that is we had to train the MIDDSHIPMEN on the ways of he sea BOY was that hard going at times,but after two years with us on the ship they were OK.We used to have a good laugh at..."
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"Greetings! I am searching for any information related to my late uncle, James Reilly. He died,(through accidental drowning)aged 22 yrs in Williamstown Harbour, Melbourne Australia on 5th October 1945. He was an Able Seaman on HMS Urchin. He was born in Glasgow. Any and all reminiscences of service on HMS Urchin gratefully received. Did you perhaps know my uncle, or know of him!? Thank You most kindly! Ben. "
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"Ben. If you are not already aware HMS urchin WW2 service up to August 1945, when it went to Australia and reverted to RN controlis shown here: "
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"Hello Ray! Thank you for your comments regarding HMS Urchin. Yes, in a roundabout way it was Gordon Smith’s and Ray Kindell’s web sites that brought me here. I wrote to Mr Kindell and he confirmed some details relating to my Uncle’s death etc. As he enlisted and died in service after 1925, I understand I have to write to the MOD in England to request access to his service records. I hoped that I might find someone alive who knew him (a slim chance, for sure!). My (maternal) family originated..."
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