Unit History: RAF Credenhill

RAF Credenhill
RAF Credenhill,situated North West of Hereford, opened and housed No: 11 School of Technical Training in June 1940. It then supported at various times the RAF Secretarial Branch, the RAF Equipment Officers School, No: 1 School of General Service Training, the RAF School of Administrative Training and until 1985, No: 1 School of Catering until that moved to Aldershot. From March 1974 until 1982 it housed the WRAF School of Recruit Training, then in 1983 the camp saw the formation of the Youth Training Squadron (YTS). In all the time RAF Credenhill had been used, and despite the presence of its hangers, it has never housed an airstrip. In 1994 the YTS closed and the Army bought the site. After 22 SAS Regiment had obtained funding to develop the site, extensive rebuilding which started in 1997 took place. 22 SAS finally moved into Credenhill in May 1999.

Memories of RAF Credenhill

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Credenhill in 1961

Written by Douglar Richards

The freezing winter of 62. Meeting so many lads from all areas of the UK and NI. All just starting out in life.

RAF Credenhill, in 1961

Written by Douglas Richars

arriving as mere callow youth and meeting so many lads from every part of the British ISLES.. Taking over as senior entry and finally passing out of training

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