Unit History: BMH Colchester

BMH Colchester
Colchester Military Hospital was one of several army hospitals in England, UK. It is now closed and has been demolished. It closed when the QEMH Woolwich opened in 1977.
Colchester barracks area in Essex, England has always been a busy garrison and when the new barracks were built in 1856 a 20 hut hospital complex was built. This was replaced with a fine looking red brick hospital in 1896.
Colchester Military Hospital was able to treat about 221 patients in side rooms and eight traditional wards.
After the major wars of World War I and II and the Korean War the Colchester Military Hospital accepted civilian patients in 1959.
The Colchester Military Hospital was said to be haunted. There were several sightings of a ghost nurse in a Victorian nursing uniform walking down a corridor. She would suddenly vanish into thin air.
During World War II a patient reported a nurse in the same type of old fashioned nursing uniform changing his bandages. It was thought that the ghost was back helping her patients.

Memories of BMH Colchester

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

BMH Colchester, in 1974

Written by Tessa Adie/Elwell

Is there anyone out there who was at Colchester in 1974 and worked on families ward under Capt Taylor? The reason I’m asking is that whilst there I nursed a patient who was an ex QA and had served in India in WW2.When I( first met her she looked at my badge saw my name and we got talking,she said that the last time she saw the name it was in India and he was a patient.It was quite likely that she nursed my father and I’d love to find out more about her and also more about what my father went through.

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