Unit History: Corps Signals

Corps Signals
The origins of the Corps of Signals date back to 1870, when Captain Montange Lambert founded the ’C’ Telegraph Troop, Royal Engineers. It was the first troop to provide communications to a field army through the use of telegraphs, visual signalling and mounted orderlies.
In 1879, the troop first saw action during the Anglo-Zulu war. In May 1884, the group was amalgamated into the Telegraph Battalion Royal Engineers. The Telegraph Battalion was responsible for singalling until 1908, when the Royal Engineers Signal Service was set up. It provided communications during the First World War. New developments also occured during this period as motorcycle despatch riders and wireless sets were brought into service.
On 29th June 1920, a Royal Warrant was signed for the creation of a Corps of signals by Secretary of State for War, Winston Churchill.  Just six weeks later, it was issued with the ’Royal’ accolade and became the Royal Corps of Signals.

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