Unit History: Junior Leaders Battalion

Junior Leaders Battalion
In February 1954, under the direction of the new Commanding Officer Major W R ECCLES, RAOC the Boys moved from both Haslar and Lee on Solent in Gosport to their new Barracks in North Frith Barracks in Blackdown, Hampshire. They were known as the “RAOC Boys' School”, a wing of 1 Regular Training Battalion RAOC. In the autumn of 1954, the Boys' School was renamed “Junior Leaders Battalion RAOC”, and remained as such for the following seventeen years.
In November 1955, part of the REME boys joined up with the RAOC and became responsible for training REME boy entrants. Tope House was formed for the REME boys’. The unit was known as the “Junior Leaders Battalion RAOC/REME”, under the direction of the Commanding Officer Major P D AMATO RAOC.
In 1957 the Battalion Commanding Officer post was raised to the new rank of Lieutenant Colonel. The first appointment to this new position was Lt Col John W HARLEY – PETERS RAOC Commanding Officer of the “Junior Leaders Battalion RAOC”.
February the 13th 1960, the Junior Leaders moved across the road from North Frith Barracks into Dettingen Barracks at Blackdown, in Surrey post code GU16 6SR

Memories of Junior Leaders Battalion

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion Shorncliff in 2002

Written by John Baker

09 August 1979 - 120 young men at the gate - down to 100 by the time we got our bed space - In C Coy (Corona). Light Division with a few Jocks thrown in for fun - until we realised our platoon commander was black watch - and platoon Sgt was well big and black (non racist remark) Sgt Knight RGJ. being a large establishment I find it hard that there are know reunions - times were hard - cant do the CFT route no more the Euro line is in the way - anyhow 120 young men day one week one 18 to pass out one year later - did it do us any harm - could we afford to do the same nowdays? a Wavel Platoon Survivor

Junior Leaders Battalion RASC in 1961

Written by Allan Keating

When I joined the Army at 16 years of age(1961)into the RASC, I was sent to the Junior Leaders Battalion, Norton Manor Camp (September time), from what I understood when I arrived there, they had not been located there for very long, and the Manor itself was used as the Oficers Mess, with the sgts mess in a building near the Main Gate.
I left Junior Leaders in 1963, and would imagine it was clossed down in 1965 when the RASC was disbanded and all Staff Clerks were rebadged into the RAOC, and the drivers formed the RCT, both of which no longer exist and have been rebadged into either Adj Gen Corps (Staff Clerks) and the Royal Logistics Corps for all other trades. Sorry I dont have any more info, hope this was helpful, maybe another member might know a bit more info. Regards Allan

Junior Leaders Battalion, Norton Manor in 2010

Written by Brian Lester

Jock Criton enough said those who knew him

Junior Leaders Battalion RASC, in 1961

Written by Brian Lester

Chris Groom, a real funny guy, Bob Avery still mates after all these years,

Junior Leaders Battalion, BLACKDOWN, HANTS. in 1959

Written by TREVOR KENT.

Btn Concert, Everyone singing,"Major Macys office burning brightly in the night. GREAT.

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