Unit History: RAF Geilenkirchen

RAF Geilenkirchen
The former Royal Air Force Station Geilenkirchen, more commonly known as RAF Geilenkirchen, was a Royal Air Force airbase in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany, built by the British who used the facility mainly as a base for RAF fighter squadrons from May 1953 until 21 January 1968.
No. 2 Squadron RAF - 1955-1957; operated the Gloster Meteor FR10 and later the Supermarine Swift FR5
No. 3 Squadron RAF - 1953-1957 and 1959-1961, 1961-8; operated the Hawker Hunter F4, the Gloster Javelin FAW4 and the English Electric Canberra B(I)8 (61-68)
No. 5 Squadron RAF - 1962-1965; operated the Gloster Javelin FAW9
No. 11 Squadron RAF - 1959-1965; operated the Gloster Meteor NF11 and later the Gloster Javelin FAW4,FAW5,FAW9
No. 59 Squadron RAF - 1957-1961; operated the Canberra B2 and B(I)8 (57-61)
No. 92 Squadron RAF - 1965-1968; operated the English Electric Lightning F2,F2A
No. 96 Squadron RAF - 1958-1959; operated the Gloster Javelin FAW4 - reforming as 3 Squadron operating Javelin FAW 4 aircraft.
No. 234 Squadron RAF - 1954-1957; operated the North American Sabre F4 and later the Hawker Hunter F4
No. 256 Squadron RAF - 1958-1958; operated the Gloster Meteor NF11

Added on 03/03/2010

Prior to being equiped with Hunters No.3 & 234 Sqd operated Sabres.

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