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Unit History: Anti-tank Regiment

Anti-tank Regiment
THE 125TH ANTI-TANK REGIMENT has not a long history of which it can boast; but it has, in its comparatively short existence, passed through an epic experience which gives it the proud right to take its place alongside any of the veteran regiments whose exploits emblazon the pages of our history.
Early 1939 - with war clouds gathering over Europe, it was decided to double the strength of the Territorial Army and to form a second line to the 74th Field Regiment R.A. (50th Northumbrian Division) with headquarters at Sunderland. Local men rolled along to the Drill Hall and signed on the dotted line.
26th August l939 - The 2/74 Field Regiment R.A. set off for its first T.A. Camp at Whitby, to be recalled after barely a week.
September 1939 - war now an inescapable fact, the Unit was embodied into the Regular Army, and, under the new designation of the 125th Field Regiment R.A. (23rd Division), began serious training.
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Active From: 1939 - 1945

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