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Unit History: RAF Trewen Sands

RAF Trewen Sands
Site Name: RAF Trewan Sands (TES) R8 GCI ROTOR Radar Station
[Source: Nick Catford]
RAF Trewan Sands was established as a Ground Control Intercept (GCI) radar station (19G) during WW2. It went through the three stages of development: mobile, intermediate transportable and final. Early stations (from 1940) had equipment on wheeled caravans and temporary wooden hutting; these were replaced by intermediate stations which had the aerial arrays mounted above and below a wooden gantry, with operations carried out from wooden huts.
The WW2 60 Group Wing Areas map (2nd edition) shows RAF Trewan Sands as being equipped with Type 7 and Type 21 radars. (A type 21 is a Type 13 and Type 14 acting together as one radar)
RAF Trewan Sands closed at the end of the war and was described on 6.12.1945 as in caretaking mode with its future use as caretaking
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Active From: 1940 - 1945

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