Unit History: Queen's Gurkha Engineers

Queen's Gurkha Engineers
In 1977, the Royal title of The Queen’s Gurkha Engineers was granted by Her Majesty The Queen.
The home of both Squadrons and the Regimental Headquarters of the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers remains Invicta Park Barracks in Maidstone.
In 1976 when 54 (Hong Kong) Squadron moved to UK the trade training now moved to Bowring Camp alongside the Combat Engineer training and combined to become the Training Wing Queen’s Gurkha Engineers.
With the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997 in mind the Brigade’s drawdown plan was already in place.  Hence, the last Recruit Combat Engineer course was held in Hong Kong in 1993.  Sadly, after this year the Training Wing Queen’s Gurkha Engineers (QGE) in Hong Kong was closed down and ceased to exists.  The first QGE training party in UK started in April 1994 and by now all trade training for QGEs was carried out in 1 RSME in Chatham alongside their British counterparts without the actual assistance of Gurkha instructors
70 Gurkha Field Support Squadron, the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers was raised as 70 Gurkha Field Park Squadron at Sungei Besi, Malaysia, in April 1960.  The following year it moved to Kluang and absorbed the Gurkha Training Squadron, which had resided there since 1948.  From that point onwards 70 Squadron took over the functions of the old Engineer Training Centre Far East.  The Squadron was responsible for training Gurkha, British, Malayan and many other Commonwealth "Sappers" in field engineering and artisan trade training.  In 1962, it became 70 Gurkha Park Training Squadron and in 1966 it again changed its title to 70 Training Squadron

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