Unit History: Tank Transporter Squadron

Tank Transporter Squadron
16 Tank Transporter Squadron is one of two tank transporter squadrons in the British Army. 16 Squadron of the Royal Logistic Corps (formerly the Royal Corps of Transport) is part of 7 Transport Regiment RLC, in turn part of 102 Logistic Brigade. It is based on the British Army base in Fallingbostel, Northern Germany.
British tank transporter squadrons are currently equipped with the Oshkosh Heavy Equipment Transporter.

Memories of Tank Transporter Squadron

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

, Tank Transporter Squadron, Fallingbostle in 1983

Written by Rob PARKER

We called them drags. I remember slow moving convoys and a sea of yellow flashing lights 30 lumbering ww2 vintage Antar Tank Transporters laden with Cheiftans. Head down the autobhan. RCT, drivers and M/cycle outriders would sometimes become hypnotised and slowly vere of the road into a ditch.
One vehicle would pull over needing repair. Our REME van would stop and we would inspect the damage. Often the 3rd diff had shed and the propshaft had taken out some air pipes. Within the hour it was often back on the road.
We would more often than not catch up with the convoy just as they pull out from the rest stop. Another vehicle would await repairs. Back into action. It was a never ending circuit of driving and repairs without a brake sometimes for days. I can recall laying on a tank ramp after finally dropping off our cargo and falling asleep for eight hours.
Back at our camp it was down to the Naffi to get more crates of grolsh and then on the weekend off to the local bowling alley for a laugh. Maybe an expedition to the hearts mountains becons.

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