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Unit History: RAF Bukit Gombak

RAF Bukit Gombak

Added on 25/11/2009

It provided Miltary Radar cover for Tengah and Air Traffic control. It had several radars including Marconi 318 back to back radar, and FPS6 Height finder.Busy site, and wasat Bukit Gombak from 1966 - 1969.

Added on 25/03/2010

Bukit Gombak operated as a G.C.I.Unit,in conjunction with R.A.F Tengah,and had Marconi S316,S319 and 2 x Plessey HF200 Height finder radars from 1968-1971. In 1971 RAF personnel had commenced training S.A.F.personnel to take over. The site is now derelict,but is just above S.A.F.HQ on GOOGLE EARTH.

Memories of RAF Bukit Gombak

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Bukit Gombak, in 1966

Written by Mike Buckley

Great memories of Changkat ..Any onw remember 114MCRU?
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