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Unit History: Guided Weapons Regiment

Guided Weapons Regiment
36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment  has maintained a strong connection with the Essex area for many years. It was in Shoeburyness in 1960 that the Regiment was first equipped with the Thunderbird One and became a guided weapons regiment along with it’s sister Regiment, 37 Guided Weapons Regiment Royal Artillery.
The Regiment moved to Duisburg in 1962 and later to Dortmund in 1966. During 1967 the Regiment returned to Shoeburyness and amalgamated with 37 Regiment on the 1st April 1968 retaining the names of the two Batteries of 37 Regiment, 10 Assaye Battery and 111 (Dragon) Battery. and re-equipped with the Thunderbird Mk II missile.

Added on 05/10/2010

the two main units was 36 havy  with thunderbird missile and 50 missile with honest john  most 36 and 50 miss i belive now have rapier

Memories of Guided Weapons Regiment

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Guided Weapons Regiment, in 1958

Written by Tom Clark

23 Bty / 27 GW Regt RA 1958_1961 Crookham-----B.A.O.R. Tom Clark, Crane - OP
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