Unit History: RAF Hednesford

RAF Hednesford
RAF Hednesford was an RAF base situated near Hednesford, Staffordshire, England.
During the post WWII years of compulsory National Service it was used as a Basic Training Camp. It was located just south of Cannock Chase, which was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1958.
In 1938 a Royal Air Force training camp was established to train technicians in maintenance and repair of airframes and engines. No. 6 School of Technical training became better known as RAF Hednesford

Memories of RAF Hednesford

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)


Written by Leonard FARROW

I arrived at Hednesford from Cardington in 1954, during training was chosen for a P/T Display at the White City Stadium, so square bashing became shorter, and the P/T became more interesting, all this took place around March 1954.
I would be interesting if anybody remember taking part in the SSAFA show at the White City Stadium, it was a great show at that time.

No11 Recruit Training School.RAF Hednesford in 1950

Written by Michael Street-Williams

October 1950 saw a motley crew of Erks arrive from Padgate. I believe we were the first intake Rifles in boxes of grease. We almost blocked the drains washing them under the showers. One lad used to visit each of the flight huts after lights out, and say preyers. We tried to throw him out the first night, but he persisted, and in the end we missed him if he did't come.
D.I's tough but fair. The Sgt. didn't have any parents, and after a few weeks of bullying, he was "extracted" from our hut late one night by a Corporal D.I. and we had a new Sgt. in the morning. This one had us eating out of his hand withing 2 minutes. And we won the Pass out cup and bought him a drink in tyhe NAAFI and gave him a small present.
Remeber wearing our shoes for the last week so our boots could have new heel caps and studs. Scrubbing our webbing for Passout, Each hut bought two bottles of white and one bottle of blue Properts which was miked in buckets and our belts,slings and frogs were blancoed by the D>I's we all had exactly the same colour.
Loathed the cookhouse fatigues almost everynight for minor infringements. Kit cleaning by the light of a coke stove became a habit. There were some wonderfull lads in my flight and billet. Looking back I sometimes wonder what the RAF did to deserve us! S sneering Flight Sergeant looked at us one morning about 0500hrs and said " Your supposed to be the cream of Britains Youth. Well its curdled this morning".
It was fabulous to be eighteen and get turned from a piece of putty into someone who was part of an organisation of other youngsters and Oh so very proud of all of them.

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