Unit History: Royal Military Police

Royal Military Police
The Royal Military Police were formed in 1946 after the renaming of the Corps of Military Police (CMP) in recognition of their services during the Second World War (The CMP itself having come into existance following the merging of the Military Mounted Police (MMP) and the Military Foot Police (MFP))
In 1992 the Royal Military Police, alongside the Military Provost Staff Corps, became the Provost Branch of the Adjutant Generals Corps (AGC)
The Role of the RMP is not solely limited to the policing of the military; at the outset of military operations, the Royal Military Police guides combat and support units towards the frontlines of the military advance as well as ensuring that supply and traffic routes are kept open enabling military operations to continue. The RMP also handles matters such as crime and war crime investigations, the handling of enemy combatants and prisoners as well as maintaining law and discipline.

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