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Unit History: Close Support Regiment

Close Support Regiment
72 (Tyne Electrical Engineers) Engineer Regiment (Volunteers) reformed in 2006 as a Close Support Royal Engineer Territorial Army Regiment.
The Regiment is formed into 3 Squadrons; 103 Field Squadron (Volunteers) based in Newcastle and Sunderland, 106 Field Squadron (Volunteers) based in Sheffield and Bradford and 299 Para Field Squadron RE (Volunteers) based in Wakefield and Hull.
Close Support Engineers provide specialist engineer capability to front line troops including such tasks as Demolitions, Bridging, Construction, Water Supply, Field Engineering and Counter Mobility.
72 Engr Regt (V) is currently supporting both 23 Engineer Regiment, as part of 16 Air Assault Brigade, and 21 Engineer Regiment, providing the opportunity for challenging and rewarding operational deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
As well as training as a Close Support Engineer, members of the Regiment have the opportunity to train to join 299 Para Sqn RE (V), the only Royal Engineer parachute role Squadron. ’The maroon beret’, the distinctive hallmark of Parachute trained troops, is worn by members of 299 Para Sqn (RE), recognising those who have completed the gruelling and physically demanding tests of endurance.
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Active From: 2006 - Present

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