Unit History: Cadet Training Team

Cadet Training Team
A Short History of CTT
As a result of Stratigic Defence Review (SDR) 2000, CTT moved from the command of 145 (HC) Brigade (Bde) to 49 (East) Bde situated in Chilwell Nottinghamshire. The team did not have to move location and are based in Colchester Essex and administered by Colchester Garrison.
The Team
CTT is a Regular Army unit consisting of 7 personnel drawn from a wide variety of Arms and Corps.  Each Instructor spends approximatley 2 years with the team and is qualified to deliver both military and adventurous training.  All team members are volunteers and fully vetted to work with cadets.
The Role of CTT
The team is responsible for the provision of support to both the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and Army Cadet Force (ACF).  This support takes many forms as shown below:
Deliver Training Courses to cadets and adults at Brigade Cadet Training Camps.
Deliver Adventurous Training.
Plan and deliver CCF Summer Central Camps in conjunction with other CTT’s.
Assist the ACF with Easter and Summer Camps.
Visit CCF Contingents to provide training and training advice.
Visit ACF Detachments to provide training and training advice.
Assist with sporting competitions.
Plan and conduct specific exercise such as the 49 (E) Bde, Senior Cadet Military Skills Competition EXERCISE COMBAT CADET.
All CTTs work to a Charter.

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