Unit History: Independent Field Squadron

Independent Field Squadron
591 Independent Field Squadron is the only Royal Engineer TA Unit in Northern Ireland. The Squadron is established in its new home in Balloo Industrial Estate, Bangor, County Down.
It was mobilised in 1854-56 for the Crimean War and between 1899-1901 for the Boer War and was finally transferred to the Special Reserve at the start of the century.
The Squadron finally returned to England in early 1946 where they were demobilized and placed in suspended animation on 15 March 1946.
The Squadron was re-constituted in 1947 in two Nissen huts at Girdwood Park, Belfast, and in 1950 and was renamed 591 (Antrim) Indep Fd Sqn RE (TA) as part of 107 (Ulster) Infantry Brigade (TA).
In 1966 the Sqn was yet again placed in suspended animation.

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